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On-The-Edge! This is our middle school ministry! Middle School students are in an awkward time of life and it is our goal to meet them where they are. Our middle school group exists to introduce students to Jesus Christ and talk about what living in faith looks like. Oh yeah, we also like to have lots of fun! 

On-The-Edge meets Wednesday nights at 6:30 in the second story! Want to know more about what is happening with On-The-Edge? Check out our Middle School tab! 

Step Out

Step Out! This is our high School Ministry! High school students know everything right? Joking Aside in our school group we strive to really push deeper in understanding what God’s call in our life is and how we can put that into action TODAY! We also provide several opportunities to put that into practice together as a group.

Step Out meets Sunday nights! We switch between large group and Open House (in house small group) our large groups meets at 7 pm in the second story and open house meets at set times by the Open House leaders. What to get plugged into an Open House? Email Caleb!

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